an Information Communications Technology Program


Explore the courses offered to Youth Members and make your mark on building a digital-first world

WebDev 1.0

Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Python, and discover how to build a website for yourself, your Unit, or for a Patrol event with this Website Development introduction course

DevOps 1.0

Explore management of systems and learn to support your website or apps with this Development Operations introduction

WebDev 2.0

Discover a world of templates, and learn to build or configure your own Content Management System using Wordpress or Django

Creating a professional learning experience without enterprise level costs

Open Source First

Courses and projects encourage use of Open Source software, minimizing costs and maximizing accessibility of resources for all

12 Factor Principles

ScoutHack works to follow development best practices outlined at to establish industry essentials from the beginning

Equitable Experience

Participants use a common operating system and have a common coding environment that provides shared, equitable experiences