an Information Communications Technology Program

Course Guide

Upcoming Courses

ScoutHack offers a few courses and some events for Youth Members to build skills and get support from a safe and friendly coding community.

These courses are run throughout the year at locations that provide sufficient infrastructure.

WebDev 1.0

Web(site) Dev(elopment) 1.0 instructs Participants on the basics of websites. Walk through demonstrations of HTML, CSS, Python, and some JavaScript provide youth members with a toolkit to build simple static sites that allow simple information systems to be created and managed in a real world capacity.

DevOps 1.0

Dev(elopment) Op(eration)s 1.0 teaches Participants to manage computer information systems that support applications such as websites and mobile apps. They learn system administration and digital security fundamentals that help build better systems and deliver better services. It introduces navigation of the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI), server administration tools, and cloud computing.

Registrants should participate in WebDev 1.0, or have already created their own static website prior to this course.

WebDev 2.0

Web(site) Dev(elopment) 2.0 extends the basics of website construction and introduces templating and Content Management System's (CMS). Participants are walked through breaking out their website files to make the site easier to manage, and provides instruction for using Django and Wordpress to create quality information systems.

Recommended Pathways

While we make every effort for courses to be accessible to all skill levels, we do have courses that require participation in previous courses. This is to ensure that the course is relevant and able to be completed by attendees without feeling lost or unskilled.

Course progression is stepped through the order listed below, from left to right. This ensures that participants have the skills needed to comfortably complete the next course. Participants can enter at any level, provided they have the tools to complete the level accordingly. This can be demonstrated by sharing a personal project with the Course Leaders to demonstrate competency and ensure value for money for the next course.