an Information Communications Technology Program

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WebDev 1.0
21st -23rd April 2023

Course Info

7pm, 21st April 2023

4pm, 23rd April 2023

$200.00, payable on registration

The Warringal Centre
Camp Warringal

This event is catered from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. Please eat dinner before arriving.

Please email for assistance.

ScoutHack: WebDev 1.0 Camp is back!

ScoutHack WebDev 1.0 is a web development course that teaches Participants everything you need to know to build your first website!

We'll teach you the very basics of what makes a web page and how to build your own.


This ScoutHack event is open to Scouts and Venturers. Other events will be provided for other sections and adults as necessary. Please contact to register your interest.

Previous attendees are absolutely welcome to participate in the course again, where they will upskill their experiences to become better coders.


This course is an introductory course and has no previous course requirements.


Participants should pack:

  • Warm clothes for each day
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag, sleepwear, and a fitted sheet to cover bunk matresses

Participants should leave at home:

  • Games and gaming systems
  • Personal laptops/computers as ScoutHack provides equipment for all participants to use
Course provides:

The ScoutHack team provides all technology required for the course, including:

  • Laptops for use during the course
  • Secondary monitors for a better development experience
  • Internet resources for building digital resources and assets
  • On-site development server and LAN for a unified, speedy experience for all
  • Tutorial and instruction, and adult supervision from super cool enthusiastic techno Scout Leaders!


What is a hack?

A hack is a tech event that is designed to rapidly build, learn, and prototype digital resources like apps and websites, usually with a specific purpose.

Hacking sounds dangerous... is it legal?

Hacking is often thought of in a criminal context, such as IT nerds breaking into CIA databanks like in movies, but that's not the case at all in real life!

Hackers are people who are incredibly skilled information technology specialists who can navigate and manage IT systems. They're also really good at building things really quickly that do really cool things!

You'll get to meet some great hackers at this camp who build things for Scouts Victoria, and other organisations too!

I've already done this course - can I do it again? Is it worth it?

Absolutely! In fact, the more times you do a ScoutHack, the more you retain knowledge and experience! We actively support various development journeys, providing as much resourcing as necessary to get everyone through the course, and also providing sufficient extension options for speedy and advanced participants.

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